How Data Can Guide Decision-Making in Tough Times

05/08/2021 - Article

a mix between data analysis and operation management is necessary in the offshore industry

These certainly aren’t easy or conventional times to be working in the offshore energy industry. Market conditions to be volatile, but with operating margins under sustained downward pressure. At the same time, suppliers are struggling to keep up with new regulations designed to protect the environment, not their profit margins. During this challenging period, innovation is integral to ensuring future success. Data has the potential to transform maritime within this carbon and cost-conscious context.

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Opsealog joins the French Business Climate Pledge

27/07/2021 - News

Opsealog and french business climate pledge

Opsealog joins the French Business Climate Pledge announcing its goals in using marine data analytics to reduce Greenhouse Gases emissions at sea.   Opsealog is thrilled to announce its participation in the French Business Climate Pledge. The Pledge is a …

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The Five Steps to Leveraging the Power of Data in Operations

18/06/2021 - Article, News

man checking report on a supply vessel

The last year has been a challenging one across the globe, with the pandemic disrupting not only our daily lives, but countless businesses and operations. Additionally, the oil and gas sectors faces an era-defining transformation, spanning changes in supply and demand patterns to the growing pressure to curb carbon emissions and improve environmental performance.

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Transforming data into action

13/04/2021 - News

Across a global fleet of 400+ tracked vessels, Opsealog has already helped to deliver 80,000t of CO2 savings. The wake of a tumultuous 2020 has left behind a new and fast-changing set of challenges facing oil & gas industry leaders.

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Better shipping through efficiency

17/02/2021 - News

“Energy companies need to be more efficient. Using data to improve shipping is one way in which they can carry this out,” Dianoux said. “We’re assisting operators to create tangible savings and minimise the environmental impact.”

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Opsealog secures multi-year contract with ADNOC Logistics & Services

03/02/2021 - News

Opsealog, a French company specialising in performance management for the marine logistics sector, has secured a contract with ADNOC Logistics & Services, the maritime arm of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) to apply its cutting-edge performance management solution Marinsights to ADNOC Logistics & Services’ offshore fleet.

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